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Distributor- turns clockwise only?

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My '87 EFI 3.5 is running roughly after its top end rebuild. I am not sure how healthy my distributor is...? The rotor arm rotates only clockwise with a quiet click-clicking as it trips the pickup. It will not turn anti-clockwise as it the jams against the pickup. The vacuum advance was basically hanging off as the two torx screws were left loose.
To top it all off the vacuum advance appears to work when the inline advance 'dampener' is plugged the right way round....
Do these distributors wear out quickly?
Any ideas greatly welcomed! Cheers
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Thanks Terry for the advice.
I am looking for a good used distributor to make sure the rough running is due to this. My parts manual lists various units which all seem to have been superceded.
How interchangable are the dizzies? Can I fit a 3.9 EFI unit to my 3.5 EFI? They both have the reference 35DLM8 but I do not know if the springs or advance weights are the same or not.....
1 - 2 of 4 Posts
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