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While I'm waiting for parts to arrive to fix my various mechanical issues, I resorted to inspecting the vehicle for cosmetic issues.

Overall, the paint job is in very good condition. Just a couple of nicks here and there. Nothing that touch up paint won't resolve, but these items below are really bothering me...

Front Bumper

Per the pictures below, I have two holes in my bumper and it appears that the previous owner destroyed the placeholder (and former fog light that should have been there) on the drivers side. Plus there are a couple of minor cracks on the top.

Can the bumper be repaired or will it simply have to be replaced?

Left Wiper Arm

It appears that the previous owner also attempted to "rig" a broken passenger side windshield wiper arm with a screw and nut (now rusted). So after ordering new wiper blades from AB, now I have to replace the entire arm.

By the way, what's this hole in the plastic piece fronting the windshield?

Thoughts? Picture below.
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It amy be cheaper to find a good used bumper over paying a shop do the work.
Don't order a new wiper arm for a D2, consider buying 2 new D1 wiper arms for around $16 a piece. They are much stronger and will except all blade replacements instead of just o from Rover.
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