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Do I need new head bolts?

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I will soon be refitting my EFI cylinder heads.
Do I need to buy new head bolts or can I reuse my exiting ones?
How many times can they / should they be used :dunno: ?

Many thanks,
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It depends largely on which head gaskets you're going to use, but I would suggest the new, composite gaskets rather than the old, waffle steel one.
However, if you are using steel headgaskets, use the conventional head bolts. If you do use the composite gaskets, deffinately use torsional head bolts. They are an made in an alloy whose yield strength is just greater than the amount of torque you'll end up with so continue to add tension as the gasket compresses. You may want to consider planning the heads slighly more than cleanup. Generally when heads are reconditioned, they are only planed to flat, but because the composite gaskets are slightly thicker, a few extra thousands (.008 to .010 if you're using 93 octane, .005 to .006 if you're using 89 or less)) will make up for this so no loss of compression ratio will be had.
I would never reuse even conventional head bolts, just cheap insurance, but, as Sven says, never reuse tortional stretch bolts.
1 - 1 of 5 Posts
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