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I installed the Land Rover trailer wiring kit in my 2011 Range Rover Sport yesterday. My understanding was that I needed the dealer to do some kind of programming for this as well. I plugged in my trailer wiring just to test and the blinkers work and a little green light that looks like a trailer flashes on my dash.

Do I still need programming or is this working (maybe a previous owner had it done but how would I tell)? What does programming give me that I don't currently have? I ask because they're gonna charge me $125 to do it and I don't want to spend money if it does nothing for me.

As an aside, if anyone wants to do this install theirself it is a bit time consuming (took me 2.5 hours although I didn't know what I was doing to start) but not difficult. Follow the first link below for most of it but if you have a 2011 or I think 2010, you also need to remove the bumper (although as a bonus, you need not remove the spare tire). I couldn't find a model specific video for that, but it turns out the 2005 process is still the same (see second video).
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