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Do the 95 or 96 P38 rangie come with a CDL?

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Well I have been giving this some thought and I am really considering buying a Range Rover, I saw I believe was 95 or 96 P38 for sale, and was just wondering if those models came with a Center Locking Diff? Or was that just the Range Rover Classic? I really am interested, but if they only come with tractions control, I think I might just look for a Range Rover Classic.
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Yes, 1989 or 90 on they came (Classics and then all P38's) with chain-driven Borg-Warner transfer case. Do not be fooled by no "actual" diff lock. They have a viscous coupling unit which acts on the center differential. The VCU is entirely mechanical in operation. It will provide 50-50 f/r lockup as a locked center diff for the duration of torque applied after inital slippage, or during high-torque situations. In addition, the P38's and some Classics have traction control as a supplement. The VCU's do not wear out and work exceptionally well. The only reason I would steer you away from a P38 is the $$ maintenance.
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