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$$$ down on two LR3's

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I'm the guy from the am i nuts post, the 2006 lr3 se 5 seat dealer shuttle car with 208,000 on it for $ 7000.00. They got there replacement in so I can get it but find out the air springs only work in the normal position. Turns out they have been repairing only what they have to. If they don,t need it they don,t fix it. Its even got two different sets of tires on it. I was overlooking the miles because its decked out for off road,winch,light guards,rails, skid plates. But even with a good service back ground the high miles and weight of the add on's vs how much I would really use them has kept me looking. Well right before they told me the rest of the story, I found a 2006 HSE 7 seater factory hitch, tires like new with 94,000 on it not 20 minutes from there dealership for $12,400.00. That's a 114,000 less miles and an HSE. Two owner 4yrs california 3yrs MN. Got the service records from the dealer for the last 3yrs. They have a 2006 HSE with A 133,000 on it for $ 16,995.00. Not feeling quite so nuts any more. Can't wait to put some militec in it.
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