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Need some help from some experts!

I have an `06 LR3 that started to have the amber light come on the dash and the warning "Suspension Fault: Normal Height Only", not long after the light turned red and the truck dropped. It wouldn't lift again so I drove it to the shop in a very bumpy ride as many have previously experienced. The most recent TSB stated the repair needed to be the upgraded compressor and software upgrade (with 2 ride height sensors) for a total of $3000! In an attempt to avoid spending this much I ended up ordering the ride height sensors and having them installed and then purchased the Dorman Compressor 949-900 and had it installed. Worked great for a week (it was new - not refurbished) and then it faulted and I was again on the bump stops without being able to raise it. The fault codes coming up now are C1131-92 and C1A20-64 which apparently related to this TSB from 2010.
I have already spent $1300 to get to this point and am trying to figure out what is going on.

I love that Land Rover knows this has been an issue since 2005 and they have changed the air compressor so many times its hard to keep track of the part numbers and service bulletins but refuse to do anything about it.

Can anyone help me out? Do I need to update the system control module software and is the compressor I received defective?

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