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driver side window - intermittent failure

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04 Disco.....driver side window will only roll down about 2 inches, then makes a dramatic "pop" sound when I roll it back up - so dramatic that it seems it might shatter the window. Then, yesterday, I tried once more to roll it down worked perfectly. I was able to roll it up and down no problem. I park the car, and when I get back in to drive home it no longer functions -same as before.

It seems that just opening and closing the door is rattling something around that is preventing the window from working correctly. Any insight is appreciated.
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I think they call it window regulator. Its tracks inside the window rides on. It has little wheels on a scissor lift type regulator track. These wheels wear or stick causing part of the thin scissor list arms to bend. Mine like look like a monster truck ran over em on the passenger side. When you smoke...let alone drink and get somebody to help it up and down...not good for it.

If you not careful the window will get stuck down at which point the door panel needs to come off to bend it where it will close or change. That's where breaking the window or hand happens.

Something else I forgot to put on my long list.
get some silicone spray and spray the tracks that the sides of the window ride up and down in. wipe excess off window. works great for months until it needs more. even if you replace the regulator assembly, (easier than it seems) you should do this to all windows of all cars.
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