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Hello Series Land Rover Drivers,

I am working on a magazine article for a marque specific car magazine, which involves some informal (and unscientific) research on driving your favorite car/vehicle.

I will cut to the chase: this is for a Corvette magazine, and is a look at how other drivers and people react to and treat Corvettes on the road.

I would like to contrast the Corvette experience with the same type of questions posed to drivers of very different, but unique vehicles: Series Land Rovers. Some of the questions relating to freeway (motorway) racing challenges and such will probably not apply. Do people talk to you while filling up about Rovers they once had, or wave off road, etc.

Here is the link to the questions as they were directed at Corvette drivers.

If you are interested in relating short stories / experiences, you can email them to the link at the above site, or just post back to this thread.

Thanks in advance!

Jeff Glenn
[email protected]

PS, I don’t have a Corvette – but I did have a Series IIA 88” a couple of years ago.

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Hey guys and gals..

This is a very close long time friend of mine. He and I have had numerous car adventures together. If you could take a moment and help him out with the quick survey, I would appreciate it!


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As a SIIa driver with a few mods on her and been a soft top I do quite often get talked to all over the place, petrol stations, work and just generally out and about. Not been a 'fast car' I dont really get challenged at the lights but it has happened a few times and living where I live its often boy racers in thier Nova's or XR3i's. There was one last summer that made me chuckle alot we were at the lights fully stripped down with me and a friend in the front and a couple of mates on the bench seats in the back when a XR3i pulled up with the lad and his girl in the front and he gave us the look and a few rev's so egged on a bit by the guys I decided to accept the challenge and slipped her into 1st gear, by the time the guy had realised what was going on we were 2 cars lengths infront and he was getting the Bird from the guys in the back.

The police dont pay to much attention but been a bit of a fuel drinker and still been a 4star engine finding a petrol station can be hard and one night I did get pulled over at about 2am whilst trying to find one as I was crawling down an A road at about 30mph trying to make what little I had left last and as I pulled into a station Ihad a police car behind me as soon as I got to the pumps I realised they had no 4star left so pull back onto the road of course the police saw this and dropped behind me again only for me to do it twice more so they stopped me thinking I was trying to avoid them. All worked out in the end.

I do find that most Series drivers and many Defender drivers do wave

Hope this along the lines your looking for
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