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Hi :wave:,

Got my orange SLS light to come on the other day on the 99 Disco 2, lucky me.

About a year ago I replaced the compressor as it wasn't compressing any longer. Everything has been fine since.

I have a v7 Hawkeye so when the light came on I connected it up; 3 errors:

  1. dtc 22. pressure signal out of range
  2. dtc 42. the calculated system temperature has exceeded a threshold for a time
  3. dtc 45. the PCV current has been below a threshold for a time, when a current has been demanded

So where would the experts start looking for the fault? I understand the words in the faults, but, uh, not what they mean!

I checked the compressor is working my pressing the off-road mode button, rear rises in about 10 secs to expected level, then on a second press it falls to the original level, level on both sides. Under bonnet fuses are fine.

Cleared the errors, the last one, 45, comes back immediately without even driving. No delay at all.

Any advice? Anyone else seen these errors? Where do look first for the obvious fix? :confused
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