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Dumb Question - Wheels?

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OK I know this is dumb...

How do you get the little caps off the lug nuts on the wheels. I have a 95 classic RR with the OEM wheels.

I damaged one trying to get it off using a screwdriver - still didn't budge!!! :mad: :complain:
I didn't want to try anymore as I figured their is some trick! :shifty:

Anyone know?
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Now I really feel like a nutter!! :complain:

SO I tried the lug nut tool in the tool pack that came with the ol' girl and broke it!!!!! Bloody nut was on tight - yeah I turned it the right way! Now I gotta go out and buy a big socket for it!!

Thanks for the feedback guys!
Yeah - I converted my EAS to an onboard air supply so I am going to pick up a couple of tools to use with it! Like an impact wrench, dunno what else would be handy, I got one air pump and one air gun. That way I can use the air hammer to undo those dang wheel nuts.
1 - 3 of 8 Posts
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