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E-Brake adjustment question

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Hello all,
Forgive my ignorance on the matter, but this Disco is still quite new to me. I have the brake light illuminated on my warning panel, and I am pretty sure it is the e-brake needing adjustment as it feels as though it is being constrained on acceleration and slows pretty noticeable during foot off pedal. I went over the manual for e-brake adjustment and could not figure out if there is only one brake shoe adjustment bolt, or one for each side. I would like to try and get this knocked out tonight as I am sure it is costing me MPG's and unnecessary wear on the shoes. Any help is appreciated. ~ Ryan :help
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Super, thanks for all the replies.
The ebrake is a drum on the drive line, between the transfer case and driveshaft. Check all connections and work them to find the problems. Bring a can of lubricant and a pair of pliers when you crawl under. I haven't heard of many problems with the brake but lack of maintenance gets all of us. Guess I should check mine. What year model disco is it and what mileage? Im too lazy to look what section this is in. Have you serviced any of the braking system?

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Try and think of it as a parking DB said, it's a drum on the drive line so if you were to actually pull it in an emergency situation all hell would break loose.

With that said, the adjusting nut is on the front of the drum, near the bottom. However, I don't think that's your problem. The "BRAKE" light on the dash only comes on when the lever is raised past a certain point, it's got nothing to do with how the drum itself is adjusted. The light would come on even if it were completely disconnected.

The symptoms you're describing sound more like a sticky caliper or even a failing driveshaft.

One of the pins on my right rear '03 had seized so that it was constantly applying a small amount of pressure on the rotors - I had the rapid slowdown you're experiencing.

Check all the caliper pins to make sure they move freely. Grease them all before putting them back in to make sure you won't have any problems later on.

Depending on your mileage, it could also be your driveshaft. The u-joints are "sealed" so they eventually dry out and begin to resist rotation. This would lead to poor acceleration and rapid deceleration.
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Thanks, DB & BD for the replies. I had not even thought that it could be the calipers themselves. I was thinking e-brake line because I get four clicks when applying the brake and I read in the manual that it should be fully engaged at 3, so I thought perhaps it was out of adjustment and not releasing fully when lowered. I checked the shafts in terms of movement, and they felt pretty solid, though I guess that does not rule out the possibility of bad bearings, but i am not hearing the tell tale sign of a bad u-joint. I will start by checking the calipers, as you suggested. What grease would you recommend, and do you think this could be the cause of the 'Brake' warning light?
According to the shop manual:
"If the brake fluid level is low, the hand brake is operated or there is a brake system fault, the LED will be illuminated providing the driver with a visible warning."

2002 Disco II SE 125 K miles, I've got the 3A's, Brake and SES lights on. Just bought it six days ago.
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