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Having had numerous EAS problems on my 98 Rangie, I was looking forward to purchasing a new LR3/Discovery soon, until I read the article below...

Basically a number of vehicles were tested (X5, Toureg, Disco etc) and the Disco got pretty good marks, considering the EAS failed (down to the stumps) during testing. I sincerely hope this is a freakish one-off incident.

I know its early days, but has anyone else out there had EAS problems with their new LR3/Disco?

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So far so good ! I own the LR3 HSE Diesel and love it !!
I gor around 3000 km behind me and I can only be very positive about
the car. I had some long rides and it felt very comfortable.
I have not been off-road yet so I can not say anything about that.
but supposably off-road the car is even better than onroad which is
hard to imagine for me since it has been excellent to me.
In the article the are honest enough that they used one of the earliest
productioncars and I suppose they fixed the problems.
On diesel I use 11.3 liters on average per 100 km. This is not good
but also not too bad .
My opinion is just go for it ! You will love it too !
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