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I hope someone might be able to assist me since I have performed much research/replaced many components in an attempt to diagnose the cause of the problem myself, however all efforts have failed to date.
The 'EAS' light (Wheel/wheel arch dash icon) illuminates at random (no CLEAR pattern) generally remaining on for about 20 seconds but sometimes only for a second or two - other times, perhaps up to 2 minutes. There have been occasions where I complete a round trip of 125 'Straight run' Highway miles (No light On) however the next day I may drive locally for a mere 10 miles (Suburban driving) whereby light will illuminate 3-4 times for varying 'short' durations.

The official L.R dealer (and a well experienced RRC/EAS experienced Independent) say that their L.R factory test equipment shows no fault 'code' (whatever) although I don't know what such equipment would show when the light is actually On, ie whilst mobile.

About 3 years ago I replaced all Air bags (Arnotts) and all had been OK until periodic 'light On' problem came 'Out of the Blue' ie no other works of any kind had been performed upon the car about that time.
The Dealer says one rear airbag is not seating 'perfectly' (?) and I've recently replaced (New) all four height control sensors which have been 'set' by the test pad/book and cross checked twice. I have swapped out the EAS Elec. 'Driver' unit and the silver EAS elec. control module (with known 'Good' units) neither of which made any difference.

Whenever the light illuminates I am not aware of any physical change in the aspect, attitude or height of the vehicle - just the damned light coming 'On' then 'off' is so irritating:mad:
As for overall EAS operation the system seems to work normally (Assumes 'Low' mode at highway speed etc.) however the switch on the dash to manually lower the vehicle does not do anything. Swapping the switch out made no difference, however I can live with that 'minor' (if unrelated?) problem.

I recently drove virtually 'straight' along a main highway with no light coming 'On', however when I entered some slightly hilly/twisty, 'tightish turn' mountain country it illuminated on/off with frequency.
Could it be that weight shift/balance/transfer of vehicle is affecting something perhaps?

L.R Dealer says rare instance of onset of Viscous coupling failure (or even Alternator) have caused EAS light to randomly flash 'On/off', however Independent L.R man assures me that both of those components are working properly.

I just dont know where to go from here. Could it be the simple relay under the seat?:dunno: although I think I replaced that when I first bought my car thinking (perhaps incorrectly) that at that time the EAS compressor was running erratically, however I believe it is working and has worked normally with no undue noise etc.

Any advice would be deeply appreciated.

Thanks to all.

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Help Me

Hy,I'm writing from Italy.
Please, have you look for the cause of the EAS light s ON ?
I Have a RR 4.2 LSE with your Problem at the Light .
I have changed all the things, but nothing.
The light on Cockpit is always ON.
Please if you Can Help Me, write to my personal email:[email protected]

Thaks a lot,Andrea
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