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Hi all,
I am having difficulty diagnosing an EAS issues on my '04 L322. A couple of weeks ago while driving to work the front right corner of my truck lowered all the way down (not quite to bump stop). I stopped at a light and it raised back up, then went and stayed back down until I got home and played with it a bit. I was able to get all four corners up to the off road setting, then unplugged the negative terminal of the battery and left it sitting there for a weekend, it didn't drop a MM on any of the corners.

So I had ruled out an air leak, which then led me to ride height sensor. I picked one up and replaced it, then hooked up the battery, and recalibrated the steering position sensor (using the steering wheel method) to clear the air suspension inactive fault. Then using the All Comms tool from RSW, I found the "CAN bus fault" which I couldn't get to clear.

At that point I gave up for the day and came back the next morning and all faults were gone. I took it for a test drive and all seemed fine until the right front corner dropped again while driving. When it does this it goes pretty quickly, like the computer is telling it to lower down, just that corner. It went back up before I made it home so I calibrated the air suspension using All Comms and all seemed fine with the procedure. I took it for a test drive again and when pulling back in the driveway, the right front sunk down again and has stayed that way since.

I have been searching online for days trying to figure this out without having to post a new thread but I can't find anything that matches this situation. One more note on this: a couple of times before calibration but after I replaced the ride height sensor, the truck would try to level out but there was what sounded like a large air leak in the right front, it would go up with the rest of the corners, then slowly leak down with the loud air noise. I thought for sure the airbag had finally sprung a leak during all of this but then it miraculously stopped doing that and sat level for a couple days.

I appreciate any ideas you all may have, I'm at a loss and don't want to take it to the stealership.
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