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I have a 1998 P38 and my EAS problems over the last two years have been unending, but I feel that I'm getting closer to a resolution.

My current problem...

When parked, the vehicle is tilted/not level, up on the passenger side. When I start-up, the vehicle appears to level out a little bit, but is still uneven. After driving it around for a while, it seems to level out, but I'm not quite sure. Eventually, usually two weeks later, the lopsided effect becomes even more pronounced and doesn't level out at all (you end-up driving home on quite an angle). Ultimately this results in a fault.

I've had this looked over several times and I've replaced the compressor, valve block, pump, switch, and more recently the EAS driver. I've had mechanics look for leaks and examine the height sensors. The problem is still there.

I think my mechanics are running out of options and after paying huge $$ I'm loathe to convert to coil springs at this late stage (although with the benefit of hinsight, I wish I did from the outset).

Any ideas out there?


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I HATED the EAS I had on the recently departed 1995 LWB.. my own 1995 LWB was converted to coils before I bought. Having 2 identical vehicles with the 2 different suspenion setups, really made me appreciate the coil conversion. I just like it so much more... I say do it!

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