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Got our new Disco 5 HSE Td6 in just in time. Had it for about a week, and its inaugural family road trip was from Colorado to Wyoming to watch the eclipse. Great highway cruiser, but the fun started in the last 50 miles as we hit dirt near Laramie Peak, west of Glendo and south of Casper. Despite being stuck behind an F250 that would not let us pass for almost 10 of those miles, not a grain of dust in the cabin. The last 1/4 mile was cross country up a grassy/rocky slope to the top of a bare knoll in a small corner of National Forest land surrounded by private ranch land. Didn't really need to, but we put it in rock crawl, low range, and off-road height and gently climbed the slope to exercise the diff just a little. Perfect eclipse viewing spot - not another human being in sight, despite passing literally a thousand or so people once we left pavement. I bet Wyoming's population grew by a significant percentage on Monday.

Then, we joined the long parade of cars on about 60 more miles of dirt roads to complete the loop around Laramie Peak for the ride back home. The last picture shows no pavement in sight and views to the horizon across the wide open high plains of south central Wyoming.

Didn't drop below 20mpg average on any leg, hit 27.6 average on the interstate on two legs of the trip.


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