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Hi from Adam in NYC

It does not quite work that way.

The ECU had several designs including an OBD 1 prior to 95 and then 96 - on a OBD 2. It helps to know which model you have.

Prior-95 : You need a special display hidden in the passenger seat.

96-on: You have to look at the kick panel for the drivers position. You will see a data plug in which you will need a OBD2 code reader.

Get a fully-featured one or better yet get a CarChip F/X . That will do two functions. One is that you can log your vehicle performance. Second is that it will double as a codereader using a personal computer or laptop.

You can also reset your check engine light with the CarChip F/X. You can get it for cheaper thru eBay.

Adam in NYC

PS If you have a 96-on D1, the ECU is next to the antenna beside a vinyl box in the engine compartment. :eek:
1 - 3 of 3 Posts
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