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Getting Alternator Voltage on my Kline causing my OBD2 Scanner to not communicate unless engine ecu is disconnected from Header. Thinking its a wiring problem somewhere seeing as this is ECU #2 Not sure what would be causing the issue. If anyone has some testing procedures it would be greatly appreciated. I think I may get a used harness to eliminate any future issues with this one but would love to be able to actually diagnose the problem with the ECU at this point for future reference.

Checked resistance at ECU Connector C0634
pin 4 Chassis Earth = Good
pin 5 Fuel injector earth = Good
pin 6 Power stage earth = Good
Connector C0638 resistance
pin 5 = Good
All of this was done with battery disconnected and from the battery lead to the following pins.
Not 100% sure if I can have the ECU disconnected with the battery connected so I am guessing that's why I don't have any resistance to any sensor earths.
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