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EFI problems

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I think I toasted my EFI computer in a creek crossing a couple of weeks ago. It stalled in the middle (30" deep), and had to be pulled home. No fuel to engine, but had spark. I changed the fuel pump & filter, checked all connections, then pulled EFI computer and drained water out. Now, when I turn the key on, the fuel pump only runs a couple of seconds, then a relay turns it off. I never paid attention to how long the fuel pump ran before, but I know my 1995 Bronco I used to have had a loud fuel pump that ran constantly as long as the key was on. I can spray gas into the MAF and get it to start, but the injectors are not working. Any suggestions? I think I can get an EFI computer reasonably, but I need to know for sure if that's it. The reason I'm NOT positive is that the EFI computer has been wet before, as it was all rusty inside. Any easy checks?


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Fuel pump relay..

Hi Bwana,
A rusty ECU...Yikes! Doesn't sound good! :eek:

When the ignition is switched on it supplies 12v to the main EFI fuel system relay,(relay 21) which in turn supplies 12v to the fuel pump relay (relay 22) both located under the right front seat, access from the rear of the seat. The circuits are then completed with connections from these two fuel relays into the ECU connector. If this circuit is completed (inside the ECU) then the relay energizes & does a number of things, such as connects the EFI fuel management system (using a number of relays & sensors).
I would first check these two relays before the ECU, but odds are it will all need replacing if it became water logged,

good luck,
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