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Electric Seat switches - some good news..

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Yes, I was a I am converted!

After reading that a non-working seat adjustment switch could be fixed by a quick squirt of contact cleaner.....I thought "yeh, right, like anything is that simple on a RRC"! For sure I'm gonna have to blow a couple hundred $$$ to buy new switches or motor.
Well, armed with a $6 can of contact cleaner, I carefully removed the little switch knobs, prised up the top cover, aimed the little tube at the tiny hole at the base of each switch...ssssiiiiisssshh...Hey presto, the chair jumped back into life at the first touch of the switch!! Wow that was easy I think to myself! :clap:

So grinning away, I think to myself...what about that heater fan switch that packed up a while ago....I undid the 3 screws that holds the heater panel front on, located the fan switch, aimed the little tube......sssiiiiiiisssshhhhh..
Yes!..."Nice one" I cried as my fan switch jumped into life again.. :clap:

So, now I am a believer, this little can of Contact cleaner has a place on the "special shelf" in my garage.

So If you have any electrical switches that dont work, give it a squirt before ripping it out :drive:
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Just finished an article about this very subject. Switches
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