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Hello everyone - - - Ive got a 2005 LR3 SE that I bought new that now has about 90k miles on it. I'm trying to read as much as possible on the forum and fix some of my cars' issues myself. As you know, it cost a lot of money when you go into the LR shop ! Both of my current questions relate to electronic gadgets in the LR3, so I thought I'd ask them at the same time please:

Question 1 - I have a 6 CD changer equipped CD player on this car. When I put in a CD I get an 'invalid disk' message. This happens with any CD, even new ones that work with any other player I own. The radio works fine. I did have to replace the battery on the car (the old one was causing all sorts of error messages). I connected the + and - battery terminals together and did a hard reset before installing the new Interstate battery. All the various error messages are gone, but for the CD player doing this. I did a forum search and the most recent post was from 3 years ago. Any ideas on what I can do ?

Question 2 - I actually listen much more to downloaded MP3 audio files than music CDs. I use a small SanDisk MP3 player and one of those gadgets that transmits an FM signal which is picked up by the LR3 FM tuner and is played through the speakers. It works fine with talk recordings and audio books - though its better on long road trips away from big cities with many FM stations that interfere. - - - Does anyone know of a reasonably priced replacement for the existing Radio/CD player on the LR3 ? Given how the electrical/electronic systems on the LR3 can be tricky, I'm very reluctant to just go into a car stereo shop to find a replacement.

Question 3 - Where's the cheapest source for getting a new disk to upgrade the maps on my 2005 LR3 ? How much is it ? Last time I checked a few months ago, I could buy a new Garmin GPS unit from Costco that would provide free map upgrades over the internet and traffic info for the cost of an LR map disk. Being 8 years newer, of course, the Garmin has more advanced features. It does mean having another small screen temporarily attached to my windshield, but that can be hand carried to navigate when walking around town with some models.

Thanks guys !
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