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Emission test/OBDII question

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I just failed my emission test (1999 dII) because they said my obdII connector was not secured under the dash in any way, it just hangs from its wires. As far as I can tell it was never secured and it has passed the last 6 emissions without being secured. They said they are alwys attached to a car so that they don't have to touch them to plug their end in. Are they right? I see no evidence of any kind of bracket to hold it in place, and there wasn't one when I bought the car. I have been trying to dig through a RAVE manual to find a page that shows it but no luck so far.
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They're right about the OBD-II - it is typically affixed to the car, frequently on the upper right hand side of the drivers' foot well. This is the case with the Disco. However I think it's a REAL stretch that they'd fail you for a loose connector. Emission tests are meant to check the overall safety features of the vehicle (lights, horns, tires, brakes) and ensure that the pollution-prevention systems in the car are in good order. A loose OBD-II connector has nothing to do with either of these.

If they charged you for a failed test - I'd ask to speak to the manager of the testing location and ask him to show me where in the rule book does it say that the plug must be fixed to the car. Odds are he won't be able to provide such info.

I'm not positive on how the plug is actually attached to our dash (i think it should just clip in to a bracket) but if you can't figure it out or if your mounting hardware is broken a creative use of zip-ties or commercial strength Velcro should be able to get the plug cinched up enough for you to pass.
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its held in by the lower dash panel on the left side. its under your dash and theres a cut out right by the heater box the the connector snaps into. seems crazy they`d fail it for that though.
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