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Hi guys,

I have a 2003 DII with the 4.6L v8 engine. It got 106k miles on it. After a round trip San Diego - LA with towing a uhaul car trailer at the back. Today when i was on the way to return the trailer, the check engine light suddenly ON. Then I went to Pep Boys to ask for the code scanner. It shows

P1000 (10) o2 sensor upsteam bank 1
P1000 (27) o2 adaptive mixture correction tra bank1
P1000 (35) o2 adaptive mixture correction tra bank2

I have no idea why they popped up and it still runs good.

Any advice will be appreciated!!!! :crying

Thank you!

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Hi, IMO you should double check with other code reader cos those codes are very suspect as P1000 is not specific for D2 and it generically means "Engine control module (ECM) memory erased - no codes stored" also if they are in the logged memory it means they are not current so it's possible to not come back once erased.

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I just went through something similar with mine. I used an I-Carsoft scanner and read the data stream to see if the sensor were responding or using the default. If it reads 100:1 and the numbers don't move, the O2 sensor is not communicating. However, I still had the issue after replacing the sensor and it ended up being the ECM. If it is working on one side and not working on the other you can switch them to test. If the problem moves with the sensor, replace the sensor(s). If the issue stays the same, it could be the wiring harness or ECM.
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