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I have a Disco 98 with the 4.0. Althought she runs well and has not serious issues I do have 150K on the truck.

I am sure some engine work is in my future.

How about upgrading to a 4.6 (nonbosch) engine.

Has anyone done this? Looks like many thing2 will cross over.

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Non-Bosch 4.6???

Just get the 4.6 short block. Everything will bolt on from your 4.0. Only difference is the crank sensor mounting bracket. You have got to cut the tack weld, and remove it from the 4.0, and install it on the 4.6. Tig welder or aluminum rods for as stick welder will be needed.

After the install, the truck will run rich. The ECU will need to be re-flashed with an Autologic computer system, or the like. You can use a 4.6 ECU, but it just cost more money to obtain, unless you can get a deal. Or, I think RPI is making a new chip (About 600.00 from what I hear. Not sure though) :eek: Autologic time is about 80.00 an hour here, and it takes about 1.5 hours to get everything right...
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