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Engine moans!!

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After a relatively hard run, such as a steep highway hill climb, and usually on warm days, I get a "moaning" engine noise at low rpm's. It is totally rpm-dependent and present even when not moving so is not a driveline issue. It changes sound as I turn the steering, though I think this is simply the PS pump dragging the rpm's down slightly. The moans are not consistently there... only after pulling hard. Sound goes away after a minute or so of idling. 2001 Disco V-8, 40,000 miles, no codes or lights. Does not affect performance. Any ideas?


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I suspect it's your idler pully. Mine did the same thing and if you still have warranty, bring it in. There is a TSB on this very item. Otherwise it will cost you around $85 installed at the dealer to fix ($28 dollar part)
TSB = Techincal Service Bulletin

It isn't a recall item, but is a VERY common issue. Some some reason the pully develops flat spots on it and can actually cause the serpentine belt to jump off, although that never happened to me.
1 - 2 of 5 Posts
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