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Engine replacement

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Need to replace my 04 D2 engine. Wanted to know what if any years are compatible other than another 04? I found 98 for sale but not sure.

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The 4.0 is pretty much the same as the 4.6. The 4.0 is in 99-02 and it would be without sai. Don't know if that is do a wrench in the gears that are the electrics. I would thing mounts would all be the same.

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2004 is a 4.6l 1998 is a d1 and likely a 4.0l but could be a Bosch or possibly a gems engine. I would expect substantial differences even if it will bolt in likely not what you need.
I faced the same issue a month back with my '02 DII. Was going to get a long block from rover and just swap out, but they have stopped selling them. Ended up just rebuilding the one I had. Ended up being about the same cost. New heads, water pump, timing chain, pistons, oil pump, all gaskets, 4.6 cam, etc. runs like new now and best of all, NO LEAKS!
You can MAKE anything work. If you want to just find a plug and play swap...stick with a 4.6. Id always at least do a refresh while the donor engine is out. Put some new gaskets, Check the heads and valves, and put a new oil pump in it.
1 - 5 of 5 Posts
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