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European Corner light

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I just purchased European Corner light (Amber/Clear) from ebay in UK site for $70.00 used. I will post picture next week when I get it installed.
I found ebay UK site to be good source for reasonable rate Range Rover parts.
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Here are the pic

I got it today and I am going to install this weekend. I will post what it looks like.
More on the way If interested, email me

I am planning on getting some more of the clear side indicators just like on the picture. It is NOT NEW. Used from UK. I made a contact with salvage yard person in UK and he is going to supply me with good used ones.
If you are interested in getting some of these, let me know. Remember, these are used lights and some might have some scuffs, plastic tabs broken and stuff.
So Far, I might be getting two pairs in about two weeks.
1 - 3 of 3 Posts
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