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So, this weekend I'm running new wires for some accessories, and I noticed that the wiring grommet through the firewall had been pulled away by the previous owner to run wire for his amp. Not sure why I never noticed this before, but it was there. This got the wheels of curiosity turning, so I pulled up the carpet on the driver's side, and found several fist-sized rust holes in the floor :(

This comes right after I got the rust/leaking in the cargo area repaired. I'm getting really tired of welding new metal into my floor.

Anyway, just needed to rant about the dumbf*** who had this truck last. May he get run over by a bus.

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Unfortunately, D1s have several rust prone areas which will inevitably rear their ugly head. Rear cargo floor, as you already know, is one. The seams especially. Finally, a whole floor panel is available.
Most notorious area is located on the rear wheel arches, most noticable when the rear doors are opened. Road moisture and sand gets trapped in the body panel seam underneath and quietly festers. This is pretty common throughout the whole country, Area not using salt are not immune.
Take a good look under the hood, and you'll see loads of isolated areas.
Another one to keep an eye on is the A pillars, at the bottom. Open the front doors and look in between the inner, front door edge, and the post. Floors, front and rear are no differerent that Rangies. Not surprising since so much of the chassis is just a Range Rover.

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Seal it up if you can for the part time. You need to keep the moisture off the wiring harness or your screwed. Take a look at the harness for damage.

and one more thing take a look at the PCm on the PS in the front engine compartment. They sit on the wheel arch and get rusted up get messed up.
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