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Hi folks,

My gears aren't engaging on my 2013 Evoque. The engine starts fine with no errors; however when I shift the gear (to D, R or S), the car doesn't move at all, and the gear letter keeps blinking, and shows a Transmission Fault on the dashboard. Here's a video I recorded today: April 18, 2022

Last week, I did have the Transmission Fault error message and my car had a very weak battery. I was able to jump start the car and drive fine with it.
So I bought a new main battery, and replaced the auxiliary battery under the glove box (per recommendations online). However, after I was happy with replacing both batteries, I was shocked that car isn't drivable and gears aren't engaging.

I tried disconnecting the batteries overnight hoping it'd do a hard reset but it didn't work out. I'm so desperate.

Any recommendations please? Greatly appreciate your experience!
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