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Here's an exhuast question...

I have a 92 RRC, my cats are getting punky on the 'y' pipe. I'm wondering if I can go to a custom exhaust shop and get a new 'y' made up without the cats, for better performance and cheaper too? Do the O2 sensors really do something? Could I just unhook them, or is this a pipe dream? :D


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Removing the cats is illegal. If NH has annual inspection the truck should fail. The O2 sensors are an integral part of the engine management system, both are needed to control the fuel injection system for each bank of cylinders.

You can replace the cats with universal convertors, about $50.00 each from Summitt Racing. They will require welding to the existing Y-pipe and some custom pipe bending/welding. Straight forward replacement for any muffler shop.

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