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Extended Warrantee after 95K

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Hi guys,
my Extended Warrantee on my LR3 expires on Dec of 2014 or at 95K. I am at almost 80K. My truck is not a mall crawler, it goes off road and I cross country from NYC to LA twice a year.
The Rover has been super reliable. I purchased the Ford ESP when it was still covering LR's (they no longer do) and I got a super deal for 3 years or 36K at $2,500. I have used it a couple of times and its been awesome.
Wondering what other Extended Warrantees are out there that are as good and at about the same value $$. That you can get after 90K?
I love the truck and I want to keep it.

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What exactly does the warranty cover? Does it cover things like belts, seals, gaskets, control arms, bushings (sway bar, etc.), cv joints, electrical diagnosis costs, etc.?

I am curious b/c the certified factory warranty doesn't even cover most of that so personally I have still been on the fence about these extended warranties b/c it seems to me like you're basically betting on a major component failure such as a diff, transmission, engine. Please educate me as I don't know the specifics.
good move with the control arms, if it covers all that stuff I think you will make out pretty well.
1 - 2 of 11 Posts
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