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I am normally very good at finding things on the internet in very short periods of time, this time I have failed. I am actually pissed that I cant find the info. I bought a new Thermostat from our town part place and told them I wanted the lower temp, had the numbers now I forget, think it was 180??? Anyways, got the part, they went away on holidays and I cant for the life of me find it so I can verify that it is the part I wanted.

So, challenge to you, find it and make me look stupid. It says on the box, Thermostat, Calorstat by Vernet Part 154 2002 Now there is a bar code number not sure it will aid anyone but here it is for shits and giggles

8 818824 942688

Thanks to anybody who can help me out.

cheers and have a great night.
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