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Get some clear (very important) spray adhesive and use to "restick" the fabric on the plastic backing. The A pillar can be removed without tools. You will wish you knew how to do this for the "moon roof" on your first vehicle. Key is to spray the adhesive and hold back the fabric until the glue gets tacky. Just follow directions, this is an easy one.

I did this on mine (same spot) after my 16 year old did the research, dragged me to Lowes and fixed the roof on his new to him 1999 jeep Cherokee. The section he replaced was over a square foot in size and it looks like new and you cannot pick out where he did the repair.

Cost, $6 and 5 minutes.

Good luck

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I can walk you through the process to remove your headliner board and replace the old material on your headliner board with New Material.

Your original material is a total of an 1/8th inch thickness material which includes the #1 )cloth and the #2 ) foam backing.

Your headliner material releases and falls away from the board because of Age and HEAT. Once the Cloth has released from the headliner board place a flashlight or natural lighting behind the cloth (You will find the cloth is TRANSPARENT without the Foam Backing ) the light will go right through the cloth which is now the thickness of a sheet of paper like a 16th of a inch in thickness but yet porous like a sponge. (allow Fluid / Spray Adhesive to pass through)

When your ready and want some instruction on how to do a proper job with out damaging anything feel free to ask me questions. Im here to help you just for the asking. Happy Holidays. Bill
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