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Hi All,

Unfortunately it has come time that I must say goodbye to my P38. I have had it for some time now, and she has been very good to me (for the most part). However now it is time to say goodbye, and I figured what better a way than to slowly dismantle her piece by piece and provide my fellow forum members with her parts so that Ol' Priscilla may live on in others vehicles. I like to think of her as an organ donor.

Anyway, if any of you guys have anything in particular that you'd like, by all means send me a message. I put a thread up in the classified section as well that you can all check out.

Thanks for the help over the years - I appreciate it. I've definitely been let free from some sticky situations as a result of the forums!

Hopefully I won't be gone too long - another LR is definitely in my future!

Take care for now,


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Eastern US Navigation CD, dash clock

I own a 2001 4.6HSE RR and could use the following parts:
Eastern US Navigation CD (only has Western US California),
dash clock (mine the advance button doesn't work),
the trunk passenger side rectangle panel ( is broken) covering some tail light wires.

Let me know what you have.
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