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February Poker Run – Pre-Run

This was an invite that was sent out to my email list and 4 other Raptor owners showed up. Dodge, Chevy, Nissan, Jeep, and Toyota owners on my email list were notified about the run so you don’t see them as none showed up! Hopefully this report will get some of you out to join the fun.

Full Album has been posted here:
2015-Poker Run - Pre Run

Video of the day on the trail here:

The start of the day was another early run up the hill. The group left at 6:30am to make the trek to Carson City area. Weather was great and we made great time. Not many people up that early driving up the hill.

Two of the group were coming from the 80 side and meet up with us at the kick off point. We fueled up, aired down and hit the trail at 9:00am on the dot.

Made a quick stop to let the group catch up and also to get some video of them coming around the bend.

From there we made our way to the valley where most of the day’s trails were. Made a quick stop at the first of the planned poker run card check points to snap a pic.

The group trekked further south and then made the cut over to the trails that lead north. On this section we stopped to defend the group for the killer rocks in the area. It was a fierce battle but we were successful.

We had one issue on the trail where one of the guys bed cover became a cape. With a little creative engineering we were able to tie it down and it stayed in place the rest of the day. Though the jokes about him wanting to be super man did not stop till food. While waiting for the trail fix, was able to get a great terrain shot.

The group hit the trail north. As you can see it was fast and flat. Someone had to see where the limiter was.

This is where we had a, let’s call it “odd” incident happen. In the middle of nowhere dirt road was a Chrysler minivan driving with doors open. They pulled over as the group approached so we could pass. As we passed we were all prepared to see a body being dumber but instead we saw a GIANT yellow rubber duck smashed in the windshield. Not sure what was going on but we are all getting a laugh out of it and glad it was not a mafia dump HAHA.

Shortly after this funny incident we hit some fun whoops that were hilarious for some reason. See the video for all the chuckling. Pic is right after the whoops.

The drive off the trail was fun and fast like the rest of the afternoon.

After we hit the pavement we made the 40 mile trek to food in Carson City. BBQ who could go wrong. After foot made the trek back home with a great sun set.

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