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All, just an fyi for anyone in the DC/MD/VA area. My ownership of my 2000 Disco officially ended this morning. I was rear-ended a couple weeks ago and, because of a pretty rusted frame (196K on it) in addition to damage on the back door an bumper, the old man was totalled out. I am guessing it will wind up in Brandywine at some point tomorrow. It has oxygen sensors that are about two months old and the cat was replaced about two years ago. Seats were in fairly good shape as I regularly cared for them with Leatherique. The exterior was recently detailed as well.

I'll miss this truck quite a bit and, God willing, will get another in the future. If anyone has any interest in specific parts, let me know and I will at least say whether it'd be worthwile to pull the parts from it. :frown


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