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Hey everyone,

Have been reading through a couple of posts on the site. Currently looking at investing in a disco, and interested to hear;

- What people's preferences between Series 1, 2 and 3 are
- What to look out for / look for in second hand discos
- Common problems, especially for those ones that are coming up 20 years old now
- Anything else you think a first time owner should know.

I'll be using the disco for a mix of city, open road, off-road and camping trips. At the moment I'm leaning towards a '99 series1. Mainly because it was the last year for series one and comes stock with CDL and has less electrical components to go wrong than the S2, I also like the aesthetic look too.

Quite a lot of the ones I have seen are around the 300k KM mark, I know if well looked after they can clock up some miles but generally what's the thoughts around mileage this high?

Thanks in advance
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