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So I've found a pretty good deal (at least I think so) on a 04 RR HSE but I have some concerns. First, the carfax report shows its has all major maintenance done at the proper intervals. Recently, it has had the following done to it.
Front brake rotor(s) replaced
Front brake pads replaced
Brake pads and rotors replaced
Battery/charging system checked
Brake pad sensor(s) replaced
Alternator/Generator replaced
Alternator checked
Engine/powertrain computer/module checked
Ignition coil(s) replaced
Oxygen sensor replaced
Spark plug(s) replaced(all of this is strait from the carfax report.)

It has 165k on the clock which is my biggest concern but it has been maintained well it seems from this report. All of this work was done 3k miles after the vehicle was serviced. Then 3 months later (January of this year) the vehicle was serviced again.

When I go look at it, I plan to take it to the RR dealership to have it looked over and I'm planning on taking it for a test drive for 10 miles or so to see if anything pops up while the components are nice and warm. Is there anything specific I need to look for?
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