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Last night after replacing a mid pipe in a 97 sebring and fixing up the front lower part of the bomper for my neighber . I descided to take a peek why my rear passanger door dose not want to open or close with the power door lock thingie .

I heard the motor go , but it was doing nothing .

When I had the truck at a dealer some time ago to do the recalls , i asked what could be , cause my friend had the same problem . Well they said that it might be just needing some grease . I told them not to bother looking at it , i'll look at it my self .

Well I tuke the door panel off and unbolted the latch , but it will not come out casue of the window track , DAMN IT!!! . So I had to take the window frame off the door to get the latch out .
Once I got it out I pressed the botton to see what's up . Well I saw that there was only one mottor trying to do something .
So I disconected it from the harness and the door handle cable and tuke into the grarage to take it apart .

After some musle to pop the actuator assembly out , I tuke it apart to find that one of the tiny ( RC car mottor looking ) mottors was not working after pluging it into the harness . Playing with the open and close botton fuew more times , smoke come poring out of the mottor that was not moving as soon it started to spin .
So i tuke that mottor out and i tuke it apart to find that the brushes and the coper contacts on the spindle where black from durt . Cleaned it all up . put the thing back tugether . Tryed it . Opens and closes like it should . :clap: Yeayyyy I fixed it !!!.

So it toke me 4 houers , cause I had to be carfull when taking stuff apart for the first time , You don't want to brake anything . But now since I know what I need to take off and not to touch ;) . I can do that much faster .

I did not take any pics casue it was geting late and I had no time to take pics of it .

When my friend wants me to do it for him , then I'll take picks of it . :beer:
1 - 2 of 2 Posts
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