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Has anyone here had any experience with Flo-Flex bushes for the watts linkage on a Discovery 2?

A member on AULRO < Watts Linkage bushes, Flo-Flex v OEM - Page 3 - Australian Land Rover Owners > purchased and attempted to fit them but found that they crushed when being tightened to the specified torque setting - apparently this occurred at only 100nM when the specified torque setting is 155nM:

When contacted about torque settings for their products Flo-Flex have provided the following vague advice:

If you look at the design of ours, you can see there is a lip that you press the bush to. Therefore it is unnecessary to use these torque settings.

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- flo-flex
I have done a few searches and the only discussion that I have found on this product is < Disco 2 Rear Watts Bushes - Land Rover Zone > and provides little detail.

I am interested to know if anyone else has had experience with the Flo-Flex watts linkage bushes?

'03 Disco SE
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Yes - I installed the complete Flo-Flex urethane bushing set on my '03 D2 back in July and that set included the Watts Linkage bushings.

Fit and performance have both been excellent. I managed to get mine tightened down just fine without any deformation. I'd definitely recommend the parts.

Just want to point out:

1. Flo-Flex is right about the torque spec. "Flanged" urethane bushings do not need to be tightened down as much as OEM equipment. Just use some blue Loc-Tite and get it hand tight - forget torque readings. If you go too tight the bushing won't be able to flex and it defeats the whole purpose. The Australian guy clearly got overzealous - you can see that by how much he bent the forks of the outer linkage. Gotta blame him for that one.

2. Don't even attempt the job without a decent press. Preferably hydraulic. The Flo-Flex watts internals are aluminum and therefore much softer than OEM steel, so if you try to pound them out you're almost certainly going to deform them and destroy the internal bearings. The trick is even pressure.

3. Not sure where in the world you are but if you're not in the UK be prepared to wait. I'm in Florida and delivery took nearly 2 months. They declare the full value of the items meaning they'll get held up in customs and you'll be on the hook for import duties and brokerage fees. Mine came out to nearly $50.

4. Grease the suckers. Urethane bushings are notorious for squeaking. I got everything put back together and realized I forgot to grease the watts linkage. I thought I could get away with it but sure enough a couple of weeks later they sounded like an old mattress.

Good luck - let me know if you have any questions.
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