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I didn't mean to start a new thread on this but I found out what I belive was causing the Hot Electric Smell that is in the other post.

The problem was an intermittent burning smell like hot electrical wires. Using some of the suggestions I changed my battery which had corroded post and check my fuses. I don’t have any aftermarket accessories so I was still at a loss. As well, everything seemed to be operating normally including all the lights.

While driving the car today I noticed that the fog Lights were out. As well, after being in the car for over 2hrs, the smell did not appear.

So it appears the Fog lights are to blame.
I have check the owners manual and have not found a listing for a fuse for the fog Lights.
I have turned the Fog Lights on and off (while the car is both running and off) and I hear a clicking sound from under the Passenger Seat (that’s the right side for the UK members).

My Question now is, is there a relay or fuse for the stock Fog Lights that I am missing?
Does anyone have a schematic or can direct me to an online shop manual that will help me trace the problem?

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burning smell

Hi graham,
just checked my haynes manual for my classic and in the back it has a list of manuals they do and unfortunately the P38 does not get a mention.
Haynes does have a US phone number +1 805 498 6703.
They may have brought out since mine was published or tell you where you get the schematics.

regards :)
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