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Fog Lights to Rest In Brush Guard...

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Couple of questions listmates....

I am interested in purchasing Off Road lights to sit in my full brush guard on the front of my 2000 LR Disco II.

1. Any recommendations? I only off road on the beach so they will be pretty well protected...

2. Are they a nightmare to install?

3. Rough costs?

All the thanks!
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Your looking at $100-150(US) depending on what you buy and whether you do the install or have a shop do it.
We sell the Hella 4000s and the wireing harness'. They are very good lights and come with a black/white cover, clear or black grille. We also have the Barri-Nuts so they can't steal the lights (perfect for NY).

The 4000s are 96 each (Eurobeam) and the harness is 46 buckaroos.
Yeah the Hella 4000's rock. I have the Hella 500's on my truck but will trade up at some point for sure.

I have PIAA XT 90's. These retail for over $500 but i picked them up on ebay for about 200. These are amazing and are the easiest things to install because the wire harnesses are complete. These had driving and fog lights, and are bright as anything. If you are going to just go with some auxiliary lights, i'd get a set of PIAA 590's, or anything in the 5 series. Check ebay, cuz you can get them for about 100 instead of the normal 300. These are bright as anything, you can install them yourself in like 30 minutes, and sit nicely.
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