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I've finally decided to upgrade to steel bumpers so to offset the cost I'm offering up my running boards and brush guard for sale. Details below.

1. Running Boards - $300

Made by "Romik" and finished in SS. Retail for $506 from the Romik website. Still look great with no gouges or dents. Mounting hardware included. The actual tubes are a bit scuffed up from people getting in and out but I will polish them to a mirror-like shine prior to sending them out. I'm a beast with a rotary buffer. These mount with no drilling required , look great, and add excellent functionality to your vehicle. More photos upon request.

2. Brush Guard - $350

OEM Land Rover. Finished in polished SS and is a great compliment to the running boards. The combo of boards/guard really add to the look and value of the car. The finish on these is still exceptional - and it holds an excellent polish. There is no rust or damage. The rubber "bumpers" that run along the front of the guard have some white polish residue but I'll clean them before I send them out. These do require you to cut some small slots in your bumper to fit the mounting hardware, but the cuts aren't visible unless you're under the truck. I will include the factory mounts and hardware - this alone sells for $85 on ebay.

Shipping to be billed at-cost and paid for by the buyer. I will include a receipt - I'm not looking to make money off of shipping. The prices are firm as I have a local buyer interested, but I will be willing to give a discount if someone buys the package. I'll also consider a full or partial trade if someone is looking to sell a front or rear bumper.

Below is a photo. More to come pending serious offer. Thanks in advance guys - PM me for the quickest response.

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