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2005 Land Rover Freelander
2.5l V6 gas 85k miles
Location: Near Pasadena California

My mechanic describes my Freelander as "The Mistress" She's looks pretty and she likes to spend my money! ;)

This year, I've expended a lot of time, effort, and money to upgrade, repair, or replace interior and mechanical components. Unfortunately, I already have two project cars in the garage and I do not need another. With five vehicles total in my driveway, I need to sell some of them.

Interior pics will highlight a near perfect interior. I've reconstructed the center console, installed the rear passenger power socket/ashtray, and replaced a broken factory stereo with an Alpine CD receiver. All of the power accessories now work.

In recent months, I've serviced the front brakes and installed Pagid brake pads.
In the engine compartment, I've replaced the variable intake manifold, water pump, battery, thermostat and water pipes, belts, tensioners, spark plugs and four of the coil packs. I have all of the receipts and service records since I've owned this car.

After all of the maintenance and repairs, she ran smoothly and recently passed a CA Smog check. However, the quietness was short lived, because soon afterwards I again received the P0306 codes misfire in the number 6 cylinder. I changed spark plugs and coil packs which alleviated the issue, but for only a short time. I've since swapped coil packs and spark plugs with known good ones. The spark plug is not fouled and is clean. I've yet to do a compression check and or swap the fuel injector. But I'm no longer interested in pursuing this. Furthermore, while attempting to buy new tires, I discovered a CV boot that needed replacement. I can no longer keep up. In the past few months I've put more money into my Freelander than it is worth. I've spent more time in the RAVE than I care this year and I've grown weary of working on this car.
I'd rather expend my efforts on my other projects.

This Freelander starts immediately, runs and drives as if nothing is wrong. Someone untrained would think it is a perfectly running car. But the check engine light throws the P030x code for the number six cylinder.

Someone with Land Rover interest, experience and mechanical skill could competently pursue this issue.

I have a clean title and a CA smog check within that last 45 days
I have the CARFAX and all service records since I took ownership
I'm asking $3500 AS IS

Car is in the 91010 zip code, you can email me at
or call me
626-408-2311 is my Google Voice number (text messages are typically scammers so no texts please!)


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I forgot to mention, rather than replace the torn CV boot, I have an entire drive shaft in the box awaiting to be installed.

Pictures show custom floor deep pocket rubber floor mats. I had these custom made for this vehicle. They match interior color and keep the carpets clean from dirt, mud and snow. They will be included.

There is a scrape from a parking lot mishap on the front passenger side. It is visible in one of the pictures.

When I bought the car, it only had a single key. I sourced a factory key fob and had it paired. I've since bought another key with the internal ID46 transponder chip and another factory FOB. I've had a locksmith cut the key so that it mechanically unlocks the door and turns the ignition. However, it needs to be paired in order to start the car or lock/unlock the doors. Pairing the ID46 chip and the FOB can only be done by the dealer or someone with the proper equipment. (Dealer wanted $150 for spare key precut, $90 FOB, and $145 to pair!) I sourced them myself and had a locksmith cut it. Only thing that remains is to have it paired.

Additionally, I sourced the correct factory manuals and the Land Rover leather binder.
Spare tire, jack set, and tool kit are intact.

I tried to keep everything factory correct

As a bonus:
I will also include Thule Cross bars (2), Thule bike carriers (2), and towers(4) with keys

For more pictures see my albums in Google

Any questions - contact me directly

Thanks for looking
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