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Hello all, this is my first post and I am new to this forum, but not to Land Rovers or RR; I am proud to say that I grew up with them and my father is a diehard Land Rover guy.

I MUST sell my white 1999 RR 4.6 HSE with 207k. Yes, it is high mileage and very well used and enjoyed. It still runs rather well, is complete, but needs some work.

First and foremost, it needs a new traction/ABS sensor; the current one is going bad and occasionally cuts out the power brakes! (Brakes work manually, but a bit scary if you are not used to non-power assist). That being said, the brake pump, brake rotors, pads, calipers etc are all in great shape--this is an electronic issue that I had my mechanic forestall years ago by bypassing it so I would not have to buy a new sensor, but was a band-aid fix. The rotors/pads were replaced about 15k ago and are still in great shape. When the power brakes work they work very well.

The has the coil-spring conversion and the EAS bypass already. The tires are in drivable shape but eventually need replacing (front drivers side on the inside is a bit worn, car probably needs an alignment). Wheels have cosmetic wear but otherwise great shape.

It passes CA smog, I replaced one cat. convertor last year when it wouldn't smog because one of the cats was blown out. The other is fine, and once the new one was installed, it passed perfectly. The muffler has an exhaust leak, but still works fine and is not too loud.

Transmission works great, no slipping or weird noises. It does have a bit of a leak coming from the transmission cooler. Also, if someone were to purchase the car and use it as a driver, I would advise changing all fluids, it has been over 10k since coolant/diffs/tranny were oiled and over 7k since last engine oil. Like any car with this many miles, there are some fluid leaks.

Battery works great, starts right up, idles smooth. Most electronics work great, including all brake lights, hi/low beams, signals, fog lights etc. Some small issues I can note personally.

Engine seems to be in great shape, no noises from the valve train or anywhere else. Understandably, it has been well driven with over 200k, so no guarantees, but so far it runs great and still has great power, despite an exhaust leak. The valve covers do leak however, so that is another thing that could be done to it eventually.

Car had a new fuel pump and crank sensor done around 190k when an electrical fault was causing it to shut off at complete stops--that was fixed by this work and has run flawlessly since.

Interior is in decent shape considering this car's heavy use. It is not perfect however. Seats are in good shape, recent leather clean/conditioner. Only minor wearing and a few tears. Headliner, unfortunately, needs to be replaced/fixed in the back of the car, as it is sagging. It is fine in the front. Also, carpets in the front and back seats are in good condition, the car has floor mats that have been used throughout its life. The rubber floor mats in the front need replacing as they are torn, but still useable. In the boot/trunk area, the carpet is beat and oil stained. I used the back of this rover like a truck when I used to race go-karts and there are some oil stains from when transmission oil leaked out of one of my Kart engines on to the rear carpet over the spare tire well. (I have pictures of all of this that I can email, see below)

Sunroof works, has a slight leak, but otherwise good shape.

There are some other bits and pieces on the interior that are not perfect/plastic bits that are broken, I can elaborate more about that in person/over the phone/email.

Speakers work pretty well, rear subwoofer is blown however, but still works. 6cd changer stopped working recently. All power windows/mirrors work well. Passenger side mirror has a crack but still gives full visibility. Windshield is also cracked on the lower front, has been this way for many years and has not spread too much.

Power seats work perfectly. Drivers lumber does not hold air well.
Heat and AC work, sometimes shows a fault (British electronics), but works most of the time. I rarely use the AC, it does work, but is not perfect. Heater works great. Heated seats no longer work.

Car states it has an airbag fault, likely because I never had the post 10 year airbag service performed after 2008 or 09.

Body and paint are in fairly good shape, no significant or visible rust that I can find. The only major cosmetic issue, aside from a few minor dings, scratches, and blemishes is tree sap. There is a pine tree above where this car must be parked that has made it difficult for me to keep the body clean. I have only washed it to keep the birdpoop/dust/dirt/grime off the paint. I have not dealt with the tree sap yet. I have been told that hot water and rubbing alcohol work for this, but have not tried it because, 1. I do not want to risk doing something stupid and harming the paint, and 2. I have not had the time to deal with it.

Beyond that, again, the car is very drivable, especially once the brake sensor issue is fixed. I was once told the sensor is about $700 dollars for a brand new LR original.

The brake issue only happened recently. I used it as a daily driver for many years.

My family and I are the second owners, we bought it at 36,000 miles in 2003. I bought it from my father in 2007 at 157,000 and have driven all the miles since then (now just under 208k). It has been serviced by reputable and legitimate rover mechanics in the Bay Area, and I do have a mostly complete service history.

Also, no crashes/accidents.

The car deserves time and money that I do not have. It could be fixed up a bit and used as a safe-to-drive beater, or converted into an off-road beast.

Alternatively, it could be used as a complete part-out car to compliment other Rovers, should someone not want to invest the full time/money to fix it, but rather use or sell the many working parts off of it.

I just bought a new car and am leaving the Bay Area this summer to go to Grad school, so I must sell it sooner-than-later.

I am looking for $1500 CASH ONLY, OBO.

Buyer arranges all pickup and any transportation. Test drive possible but prospective buyer must have own insurance and a valid drivers license. Also regarding test drive, note the intermittent brake issue I mentioned, it may happen on a test drive (seemingly only happens when it is warm out).

I am located 25 minutes north of San Francisco. Title is clear and in my name as registered owner

Please contact me at [elliottmarc895 AT gmail DOT com ]
If you would like to arrange a phone conversation, email me directly and and I will provide a phone number.

I can provide more pictures of the car via email as well.

Final note: Serious inquiries only. NO trades or part outs, if you want to part it out, buy it complete and part it yourself.

Thank you!


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