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1972 Land Rover Lightweight “EXMOD”

Originally served in Canada, used by the British Army at their training
range B.A.T.U.S (British Army Training Unit Suffield), in Alberta.

This rig is very solid, the frame & outriggers & bulkhead are rust free and in
excellent shape. Also worth noting, there has been no “aftermarket / cut-up”
modifications done on this Rover. All work performed by myself, was done using
existing holes & cut-outs, as to not jeopardize any future authentic military restorations.

New rear axle passenger side half-shaft
Gas tanks removed/cleaned treated with POR-15
Rewired entire vehicle, lights/ wipers etc. Owner prior to me converted to 12 volt (I do not have original 24 volt equipment)
Military wheels sandblasted & powder coated new tubes installed in original military tires
Original military top, re-treated with CAN-VAK
Re-sprayed olive drab (previous owner stripped to bare metal and primed white)
Replaced windscreen vent seals
New front seatbelts (static lap belts)
New Defender style mirrors

Other improvements not performed by me:
Parabolic springs
Old Man Emu shocks
New carburetor

This Rover runs and drives quite well for a 33 year old vehicle. Mind you, this is an Ex-Military vehicle, meaning it was not designed for highway use, she tops out at around 55 mph.

This vehicle is located near Seattle Washington, USA
If you have any questions regarding the condition or state of this vehicle, please call.


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