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Hi all I have a D2 engine I was planing on rebuilding but never got around to
it. I am looking to move in the near future and not planing on taking with me.

The catch is.... if you want it you have to pick it up. it has approx 116,000
miles on it. I got it from Paul Grant at Classic Rovers and was informed it is in great condition. I'm in Poughkeepsie NY.

email me at [email protected] for further details. First comer gets it.

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Yup, the engine was solid. We used it around the shop for about a month before it was time for parting. IIRC, head gaskets had been done on the truck 10-15K miles before I got it. All I can say is bring a few guys to pick it up. It's mounted on an engine stand that rolls but it's down a few flights of stairs. When we delivered it we used a cherry picker and a bit of ingenuity.

Jim's a great guy to deal with and anyone picking up this engine will be getting a remarkable deal.

Jim, I can't believe the days are numbered for your trans America move!
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