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Hi guys,

Drove my Freelander up from Edinburgh to Inverness yesterday (after it had been parked up for an 11 day holiday) ... no problem.

I stopped at my house to drop off luggage, then started the car to go pick up my dog from the kennels ... no problem.

Picked the dog up ... car wouldn't start!

After calling the AA, it turned out that fuse F5 had blown ... fitted new fuse ... car started no problem.

Drove home, then to the local store, home again ... no problem.

Drove to work today ... again without issue.

But now F5 blows again when I try to restart the car ... and just keeps on blowing!

I've jiggled the engine bay loom about - even whacked the solenoid (as was the AA guys first port of call) to no avail.

Would you guys have any clues?

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