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Freelander Brakes so soon?

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I have a 2002 Freelander and just had the 24K mile service done. I was told that I already need new brakes at a cost of about $350!! Is this normal?
I have a 1998 Nissan Maxima and 1995 Corvette that both have around 60k miles and have never needed brakes.
Also, the costs at the dealer seems outrageous!
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I'm trying to get my local dealership to replace the brakes under warranty but the only way they'll do it is if I have a complaint about the brakes, i.e shuttering or pulling etc. Otherwise they won't do it. At my 24K (miles) check the pads were almost gone and the rotors needed replace....about $500.00.
It is not normal for a vehicle to need brakes that soon but from what I hear it is the norm for Freelanders.
I may try different brake pads.

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